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4 Kinds Of Drinks Cannot Be Put Into the Thermos!

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  • Which drinks cannot be put in the thermos bottle?
  • How to choose a vacuum flask?
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Do you usually drink water from a thermos? Do you know that there are also rules for drinking water from an insulated water bottle? Today, NOWEST (a professional water bottle manufacturer) will tell you about common sense that 4 kinds of beverages cannot be placed in the thermos bottle, which solves the troubles of many people. Let’s take a look at the 4 kinds of drinks that the insulated water bottle can’t hold!

Which drinks cannot be put in the insulated bottle?

  •  Acidic drink

Generally, the material in the insulated bottle is stainless steel, but the stainless steel melting point is higher, so it is not afraid of high temperature and is afraid of acidic substances. If you use stainless steel bottles for a long time to install acidic drinks such as fruit juice or lemonade, then it is easy to destroy the inner tank of the insulated bottle. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use the insulated bottle to hold an acidic drink.

In addition, fruit juice is not suitable for high-temperature preservation, so as to prevent its nutrients from being damaged; beverages with high sweetness can easily lead to a large number of microorganisms breeding and deteriorating.

Acidic drink


  • Milk

Some people pour hot milk directly into the thermal insulation bottle to heat up and drink it slowly. In fact, this approach is wrong behavior. Because milk will make the microorganisms from breeding quickly in the insulated bottle, and even cause milk corruption, it will cause diarrhea and abdominal pain after pouring milk into the insulation bottle. On the other hand, milk will cause nutrients to be destroyed at high temperatures, and even the acidic substances in milk will have a chemical reaction with the inner wall of the thermal bottle, which will affect human health.

Milk isn't allowed being in insulated bottle


  • Tea

Tea contains a large number of nutrients such as tannin . If you use the insulation bottle to make tea, then the tea leaves will be destroyed in a state of high temperature and constant temperature for a long time. Not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, but it will also make the brewed tea no longer fragrant but bitter. On the other hand, tea will be released in the insulated bottle for a long time, which is harmful to our health.

Tea isn't allowed being in insulated bottle


For the convenience of carrying boiled Chinese medicine, some people pour the soaked Chinese medicine directly into the thermos bottle. In fact, doing so is a wrong demonstration. Because a lot of acidic substances are dissolved in the fried traditional Chinese medicine, the acidity and alkalinity of the traditional Chinese medicine are different, and it is easy to corrode the stainless steel inner wall of the thermos bottle, resulting in a chemical reaction. It will have a bad impact on the human body and hurt their bodies after drinking.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be stored for a day or two at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the thermos bottle is high and it is easy to deteriorate. It is recommended to store it at room temperature.

Tea isn't allowed being in insulated bottle

How to choose a vacuum flask?

  • Purchase Notes

1) When purchasing a stainless steel thermos bottle, try to buy it from a regular manufacturer, and then check whether the liner is marked with SUS304, SUS316, or 18/8 because SUS304 or 18/8 in the industry means 304 or 316 stainless steel.

2) The outer packaging of most thermos bottles will have some detailed information, including manufacturer information, etc. Friends can go online to check whether the relevant information of some manufacturers is as described on the packaging. If there is no relevant information in the outer packaging or box, then you need to be careful when purchasing.

3)Most of the new thermos bottles with qualified quality should have no odor when they are first opened. The thermos bottles that are too cheap and have no manufacturer information should be purchased carefully.


After reading this little common sense in life, are you still using the insulation bottle messy hold drinks? Hurry up to learn this trick, remember that the thermos bottle cannot hold 4 kinds of drinks, otherwise, it will endanger your health. After reading it, tell the people around you. If you find it useful, remember to forward it and share it with your friends to help more people in need.

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