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How often should you replace your water bottle?

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As we all know, drinking water is very beneficial to our human body, and water is the source of life, and people’s lives are inseparable from water. So how often should you replace your water bottle? Come and find out with Nowest (a professional water bottle manufacturer), we hope it will be helpful to you.


The usage time of plastic bottles

The usage time of ceramic cups

The usage time of stainless steel insulated water bottles

The usage time of the glass bottles


In people’s daily life, due to the different qualities pursued and personal hobbies, the water bottles are also different. Some people like to use plastic bottles, some people like to use thermos bottles, and some people like to use ceramic cups. Come down and explore the lifespan of different water bottles.

1. The usage time of the plastic bottles

plastic water bottles

The first kind of plastic bottle, if you use a drinking bottle and it is a plastic bottle, try to change the bottle once a month. And make sure not to put hot water in the plastic bottle, because plastic and high temperature will have a chemical reaction, resulting in Carcinogens, harmful to the human body.

2. The usage time of the ceramic mugs

ceramic mugs

The second is a ceramic mug. If you are using a ceramic mug, try to ensure that the mug is clean, complete, and dry. In this way, the mug will last longer, unless you don’t like your mug, then you can replace it.

3. The use time of the stainless steel thermos bottles

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In the third type of stainless steel thermos bottle, generally speaking, the time for the thermos to be used is not fixed due to the frequency of personal use, usage habits, etc. So the replacement time is not fixed. Because the high temperature will also have a chemical reaction with the material in the bottle. And the longer the thermal insulation bottle is used, the lower the thermal insulation effect will be. It is recommended that the thermal insulation effect of the thermos bottle is reduced and it can be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the thermos bottle is used more in winter, and its thermal insulation effect will decrease after about a year of use. Therefore, it is possible to replace the thermos bottle once a year, but there are also thermos bottles that can be used for a year without any problems.

4. The usage time of the glass bottles

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The fourth kind of glass, the glass bottle is the healthiest water bottle. The chemical properties of the material are not lively, but if you drink drinks frequently, some reactions may occur. So if you don’t drink drinks, change them every 2 years, and drink frequently 1 Change it every year. If the glass is afraid of damage, it must not continue to be used. No matter how long the service life is, it cannot continue to be used. If you don’t use the glass bottles to freeze them directly, or directly fill them with freshly boiled water, the general life of the glass is still very long. And it is not easy to be damaged, and it can be used all the time.


In short, it is best not to use the water bottle for too long, especially for friends who like to make tea. If it is a better quality bottle, you should also remember to clean it frequently. If it is not cleaned properly, don’t use it.

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