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How much water is a gallon?

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How much water is a gallon?

While you may think that the answer to this question should be a simple one, in reality, there are several different variables to consider when answering this question several different variables need to be considered.

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A gallon can be either a unit of volume for liquids or a dry volume, which is a unit of volume for quantifying non-fluid bulk commodities.

Historically, there have been many different sizes of gallons in use, but only three significant ones remain in use today.

The U.S. liquid gallon, the imperial gallon, and the U.S. dry gallon, which is not commercially relevant.

  • The USAliquid gallon is exactly 3.785411784 liters; legally defined as 231 cubic inches.
  • The British gallon is defined as 4.54609 liters; approximately 277.42 cubic inches.
  • The USAdry gallon is exactly 1/0.22702 L ~ 4.405 liters; exactly 268.8025 cubic inches.

Before we move on to converting between gallons and liters, it is important to define these two terms.

The liter is the unit of volume in the metric or international standard measurement system. As you may know, the volume of one liter is considered equal to 1000 cubic centimeters or one cubic decimeter. A decimeter has 1000 cm and a cubic simply means that the object being measured has width, length and height. A liter was originally defined as the volume that 1 kg of water had at standard pressure and peak density. Until 1964, the kilogram was defined as the mass held by a specific iridium/platinum cylinder located in France, with the intention that this kilogram was equal to the mass of 1 liter of water at standard pressure. Later measurements of the mass of the kilogram revealed that the kilogram cylinder was too large, so the standard for the relationship between mass and kilogram was redefined to its present definition.

Liters are commonly used to measure the volume of an item adapted to its container size, such as a collection of liquids or small solids that can be poured from one container into another. Liters can also be used to calculate certain measurements, such as density. The advantage of calculating density in kg/l is that it allows a simple comparison of a given substance with the density of water. In terms of mass, a liter of pure water is about 1 kg when measured at peak density, with maximum density occurring at about 4°C.

Although not formally recognized by the International System of Weights and Measures, the SI prefix can easily be used with liters as the International System of Weights and Measures has accepted liters for calculation along with SI units. The most common unit of measurement is the milliliter, or thousandths of a liter. It is also important to remember that liters can also be referred to as cubic centimeters. Other levels of liter measurement include deciliters, hectoliters, kiloliters, and megaliters.

Converting U.S. liquid gallons to liters

[L] = [gal] x 3.785411784

For example, to convert 2 U.S. liquid gallons to liters, multiply 2 times 3.785411784 to get 7.57 liters.

That’s about seven and a half liters per gallon.

Converting British gallons to liters

[L] = [gal] x 4.54609

For example, convert 3 UK gallons to liters by multiplying 3 by 4.54609 to get 13.64 liters.

Converting U.S. dry gallons to liters

[L] = [gal] / 0.22702

For example, to convert 4 US dry gallons to liters, divide by 4 and divide by 0.22702 to get 17.62 liters.

Additional Information

US liquid gallons are about 17% lower than UK gallons! There is a big difference when it comes to buying gasoline or petrol.

Official Symbol

The unit symbol for gallon is a gal.

The abbreviation for gallon is also gal.

Therefore, you will sometimes see abbreviations such as UK gal, US gal, US Liquid gal, US Dry gal, etc. The unit symbol for liters is l or L.

Remember: The gallon unit is a unit of volume and is usually used as a liquid measure! Outside of the United States, the US gallon is a legal unit in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and in some countries in the Republic of Liberia.


How much water is a gallon?

Conversion Table

US Gallon Liter UK Gallon Liter
1 3.785411784 1 4.54609
2 7.570823568 2 9.09218
3 11.35623535 3 13.63827
4 15.14164714 4 18.18436
5 18.92705892 5 22.73045
6 22.7124707 6 27.27654
7 26.49788249 7 31.82263
8 30.28329427 8 36.36872
9 34.06870606 9 40.91481
10 37.85411784 10 45.4609
11 41.63952962 11 50.00699
12 45.42494141 12 54.55308
13 49.21035319 13 59.09917
14 52.99576498 14 63.64526
15 56.78117676 15 68.19135
16 60.56658854 16 72.73744
17 64.35200033 17 77.28353
18 68.13741211 18 81.82962
19 71.9228239 19 86.37571
20 75.70823568 20 90.9218