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How to identify a qualified insulated water bottle?

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Insulated water bottles play an increasingly important role in our lives, and basically, everyone is inseparable from them every day. But now the thermos bottles on the market are mixed, so how to identify a qualified insulated water bottle? Today, NOWEST (a professional water bottle manufacturer) will have a brief chat. Please refer to the following tips.

  • Confirm the material used in the bottle

Before the stainless steel thermos bottle is officially shipped from the factory, it must be confirmed that the materials used in the bottle are qualified. The most important test to test whether the product is qualified is the salt spray test. The salt spray test is used to judge whether the material is qualified and whether it will rust after continuous use.

NOWEST  (water bottle manufacturer) has been in the water bottle industry for so long, so we can say this: no matter how good the workmanship of the water bottle is, and how long the heat preservation and cold preservation performance is, as long as the material is not suitable or is different from the material marked on the manual, it means that this water bottle is a substandard product. For example: use 201 stainless steel to easily pretend to be 304 stainless steel. Mark the bottom of the water bottle with a 316 stainless steel symbol, pretending that the liner is made of 316 stainless steel, but in fact, the bottom is 316 stainless steel or something.

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  • Pay attention to the tightness of the water bottle

In addition to professional testing tools for sealing in the production process, some unqualified factories will also adopt strict sampling inspection methods. Cover the lid when the bottle is full of water, pour the lid on for half an hour, and then pick it up to check for leaks. Then pour the water bottle into it and shake it up and down 200 times before checking whether the water bottle is leaking.

NOWEST has seen that many brands have leaked water bottles with poor consumer reviews in the water bottle sales comment area. Such a water bottle must be a substandard product, no matter how high-quality the material is, and no matter how cost-effective it is.

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  • Test the thermal insulation performance of the water bottle

Today, NOWEST will briefly talk about the international standard of stainless steel thermos bottles. Pour hot water at 96°C into the water bottle, seal the lid, and open it after 6-8 hours to measure the water temperature in the bottle. If it is not lower than 55°C, it is a qualified thermal insulation container, so friends who are interested in this area may wish to take it. Get your own insulated water bottle to test it out for yourself.

If there are officially sold water bottles, even if the heat preservation time of the water bottle is clearly marked (for example, some water cups will write that the heat preservation time is as long as 12 hours), as long as it is found during use that it cannot reach the advertised time, it will also be considered that this water bottle is a substandard product.

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