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How to Print Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle Labels?

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  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Engraver Printing


Customized insulated water bottles for gifts have become a norm in all walks of life. Whether it is the company’s annual meeting or usual promotional activities, customized stainless steel bottles have become a means of publicity for many businesses. When customizing the stainless bottle, the water bottle manufacturer is required to print the company LOGO, publicity slogan, etc. on the bottle to achieve the purpose of publicizing the company. However, what if the LOGO on some water bottle falls off after a period of time? Today, let’s take a look at several techniques for printing logos on stainless steel water bottles.

Heat Transfer Printing


heat transfer printing for water bottle


Heat transfer is an emerging printing process that allows you to print your designs onto objects. Heat transfer printing uses a thermal process to transfer an image created in wax onto an object. This printing method is compatible with pre-painted images on wax paper or can be used to create images by layering wax dye onto objects.


  • It does not require the steps of plate making, printing, and repeating color matching, so it is easy to print.
  • It has better compatibility with different materials.
  • It can reflect the transition of color.
  • The heat transfer will not have color problems.


  • It is hard to touch and has poor air permeability.
  • Pulling may cause small cracks in the thermal transfer.
  • The hardness of the finished product is relatively poor, and it needs to be brushed with a protective film.

Silk Screen Printing


silk screen logo

Silk screen printing is to stretch silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric, or metal mesh on the screen frame. And use the method of hand-carved paint film or photochemical plate making to make a silk screen printing plate. To put it in layman’s terms, the realization process of silk screen printing is to choose a film according to the advertising content, and then use the film to expose a screen. The wheels are painted. This is a common way in the gift customization industry.


  • The cost is low;
  • The production process is relatively simple;
  • Wide application range;


  • Only one-color/two-color/three-color logo printing can be done.

3D Printing


3d printing


The 3D printing principle of the vacuum flask is that the 3D printer is an inkjet digital printing method. And it uses UV ink to directly print on the surface of any material, and then irradiates the UV ink in less than 1 second to directly dry the UV ink on the printed surface. On the object, it achieves instant drying and solidification.


  •  Fast sample production;
  •  There are no gaps in the picture printing of the thermos cup;
  •  Feel good


  • High cost

Laser Engraver Printing


laser engraver printing


The basic principle of laser engraver printing is that a high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by a laser generator. When the laser acts on the printing material, the atoms in the ground state transition to a higher energy state; the atoms in the higher energy state are unstable, and will soon return to the ground state. When the atoms return to the ground state, they will release additional energy in the form of photons or quantum, and convert the light energy into heat energy, so that the surface material can be instantly melted or even vaporized, thus forming a graphic mark.


  • It has a high marking degree and low cost;


  • There are few supporting factories for laser marking (NOWEST is a suitable water bottle manufacturer candidate to do this printing )
  • And products of some materials cannot use this process.