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Is it worth buying an expensive titanium cup?

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As people’s pursuit of life quality and health is getting higher and higher, more and more people want to choose a good cup for themselves. There are many kinds of cups on the market now, from styles and materials to functions, which makes people dazzling. Titanium cups, which everyone may be relatively unfamiliar with. Some people think that titanium cups are representative of healthy water cups, but some people think that choosing titanium cups is too expensive and not worth buying. So what is the truth? Nowest(water bottle manufacturer) takes you to understand!


1. Introduction of titanium

2. What’s so good about cups made of titanium?

1)Maintain the original taste of drinks


3)Anti-corrosion, self-coloring, and strong rust resistance

3. Gift attributes of titanium cups


1. The introduction of titanium

With its high-grade material, exquisite decoration, elegant and luxurious color, ingenious shape, and rich aesthetic collection value, the titanium cup has become the rare “most expensive cup” in the water appliance market.

titanium cup

Why is the titanium cup so expensive? It starts with titanium.

 Titanium element

Titanium, a chemical element with the chemical symbol Ti, is a silver-white transition metal characterized by lightweight, high strength, stability, and corrosion resistance. From aerospace applications to civilian use, titanium can be described as a fashion guy who travels through ancient and modern times and integrates art and culture. Titanium is found on the titanium tiles in the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, the titanium roof of the National Grand Theater in China, the suits of Iron Man, and the undersides of Tesla’s cars.

2. What’s so good about cups made of titanium?

titanium cup


Titanium oxide is an inorganic compound of titanium and oxygen, which is generally used in food additives, coatings, cosmetic additives, etc. Titanium oxide has temperature characteristics during chemical and synthesis processing, and this characteristic makes it crystallized as anatase, which is formed on the surface of the titanium. The surface of titanium is a layer of oxide film, which will not feel the rust smell of metal products, nor will it make the drink produce a peculiar smell, and you can taste a very refreshing taste.

Titanium oxide


The mechanism of the photobacterial effect is that the positive holes and negative electrons on the surface of titanium oxide are released after receiving light. This energy dissolves with the oxygen contained in the water to form active oxygen, which splits the water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. In this process, under the action of hydrogen and active oxygen, it sterilizes and decomposes organic matter, and at the same time, it also decomposes bacteria, sour taste, etc., so the taste of beverages can be more mellow.



Titanium is a very special metal, known as “space metal”. The cup made of this material is not only very light in texture but also very tough and corrosion-resistant. It will not turn black like silver, and it will maintain its own color for life at room temperature.


The so-called self-generated color means that the bright colors on the surface of the titanium cup are generated by the cup itself. The coloring of the titanium cup does not add any pigment, it is completely the color of titanium itself. Since the melting point of titanium is similar to that of platinum, after special processing, the surface of the titanium cup can produce different colors at different high temperatures, and the more sophisticated the process, the purer the color.



The strong rust resistance of titanium cups is mainly manifested in chemical aspects. The well-known strong corrosive “aqua regia” can devour silver and gold, and even erode the stainless steel known as “stainless”, turning it beyond recognition. However, “aqua regia” has nothing to do with titanium. This makes the titanium cup and when it contains any drink, there will be no chemical reaction with it to avoid the precipitation of toxic metal substances.

3. Gift Attributes Of Titanium Cups

At present, titanium cups are mainly used in the production of high-end gifts. Titanium cups have made a high-profile debut in the major gift customization markets with a low-key and luxurious shape. As a high-end business gift, they not only send care and health of “a cup for a lifetime”, but also show the giver’s views on taste and elegance.

gift box


Titanium cups can be used as gifts. Is it worthwhile to buy titanium cups? Nowest believes that it varies from person to person. If you feel that it can indeed bring advantages and added value that ordinary cups cannot match, then titanium cups are worth the money. If you think that the titanium cup is almost the same as the ordinary cup, considering the price factor of the titanium cup, it may not be so friendly in terms of cost performance.

Existence is reasonable, and giving full play to the advantages and disadvantages of everything can bring us greater gains and added value.