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Is Tritan safe for water bottles?

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1. What is Tritan?

1) Application

2) Security

3) Advantages

2. Difference between Tritan water cup and PP water cup

3. What should be paid attention to when using the Tritan water bottle?

4. Conclusion


A parenting product called “Tritan water bottle” was released recently. So is Tritan material safe? What is the difference between it and PP water bottles? What should we pay attention to when using a Tritan water bottle? Now Nowest(water bottle manufacturer) will introduce it to you!

1. What is Tritan?

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Tritan™ full name: Tritan Copolyester, is a new generation of copolyester developed by Eastman Company.

Due to people’s pursuit of quality of life and health, the market’s environmental protection requirements for plastic raw materials are also increasing. For example, the hydrolysis of PC produces BPA (bisphenol-A). Modern medical research believes that bisphenol A exceeding a certain dose may affect human health (including animals), [1] such as long-term intake of trace amounts of BPA, it will cause endocrine system disorders; [2] It is very likely to have adverse effects on the reproductive system, disrupting the gender balance, so some countries and regions have restricted or disabled PCs. [3] In the face of environmental pressures, manufacturers are looking for alternatives to PC, and it is in this market context that Eastman has developed a new generation of copolyester Tritan™.

1) Application

In addition to the application of household products and small household appliances from the early days, it has been developed into more fields around 2014, including applications such as baby products, medical care, cosmetics, outdoor, etc., and other applications are being developed.

2) Security

Tritan™ has passed the FDA certification (Food Contact Notification (FCN) No.729) of the United States Food and Drug Administration and is the designated material for infant products in Europe and the United States.


BPA-free: Tritan™ does not contain BPA in the polymerization process, nor does it release BPA during use, meeting environmental requirements and FDA.

Clear and transparent : Light transmittance > 90%, haze < 1%, with crystal-like luster.

Excellent impact strength: The unnotched impact is continuous, and the impact strength of the notched is between 650-980J/m due to different grades, which is comparable to the impact strength of the PC.

Excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance: Tritan™ is resistant to detergents, cleaners, hydrocarbon solvents, oils, perfumes, etc.; hydrolysis in hot and humid environments.

High-temperature resistance: Low-pressure heat distortion temperature (HDT @ 0.455MPa) is between 94℃-109℃ depending on the grade.

Good liquidity: The test conditions are under the pressure of 2.16kgf and the melt temperature of 280℃, the melt index (MI) is between 15.3-29.5 according to the different grades.

Easy to form and process: Tritan™ grades can be processed by various methods including injection, extrusion, extrusion blowing (EBM), and injection stretch blowing (ISBM). Generally speaking, molds that can be produced with PC can be produced with Tritan™ without modification, and the production cycle time is very close.

Easy secondary processing: The secondary processing methods that Tritan™ can be applied to include: UV glue bonding, ultrasonic welding, surface printing and painting, surface vacuum plating, etc.

The residual stress of the product is small: After injection molding, the residual stress of the product is smaller than that of PC, so there is no need for subsequent annealing treatment. Products made from Tritan™ are more durable due to less chance of residual stress cracking during use.

2. Difference between Tritan water bottle and PP water bottle

1) In terms of performance: traditional PP is a common plastic, and the new generation of Tritan is a new generation of special materials, so the performance of Tritan water bottles is significantly better than that of PP water bottles.

2) Transparency: PP plastic has poor transparency due to its own limitations, so PP water bottles will have a hazy fog feeling. Tritan has a low density and good permeability, so the Tritan water glass is very transparent and clear like glass.

3) Chemical resistance: Tritan material ocbottleies an absolute advantage, so Tritan water bottles can be cleaned and disinfected with various detergents, and are not afraid of being corroded.

4) In terms of price: Because of the superior performance of Tritan, its price will be higher than that of PP. Correspondingly, the Tritan water bottle will also be taller than the PP water bottle. However, this type of water bottle is very cost-effective, safe, and reliable. For the health of the baby, a large number of mothers still choose the Tritan water bottle.

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3. What should be paid attention to when using the Tritan water bottle?

1) Tritan is deformed and easily broken due to overheating or inappropriate sterilization due to its special material. Therefore, it is not possible to sterilize with an induction cooker with uneven heating and a microwave oven with difficult temperature control.

2) When boiling and sterilizing, the amount of water should be sufficient, and it is recommended to cover the product more than 2 cm. In addition, a large-diameter and deep sterilizer should be selected to ensure that the product can float freely during the sterilization process, so as to avoid contact with the bottom and edge of the pot at high temperature, resulting in product damage.

3) When cleaning, choose a sponge brush, do not use cleaning tools with abrasive effect, metal, or other materials, so as not to scratch the product.

4) After filling milk or juice, it should be washed and dried in time to avoid being colored or having a strange smell.

5) Use the water bottle with liquid carefully, if accidentally dropped, the product may shatter under the action of gravity.

4. Conclusion

Tritan material is very safe, and the transparency and texture are particularly good. For people who often use water bottles to hold hot water and have babies at home, Tritan material bottles are very worth considering.

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