Can Coolers Making Manufacturer---Nowest Industrial Nowest has 15 years manufacture Can Coolers and water bottle for Brands at home and abroad。 Our can coolers are perfect for beach days, backyard barbecues, pool parties, picnics and camping. Various colors available, a great gift idea, best beer gifts for men, women, friends, family and youself. Moreover, our 4 in 1 can cooler is sweatproof no matter how cold/hot your drink inside is, so your hands will never be sweated after holding it and no condensation rings will be left on your furniture. This steel can cooler fits all 12oz slim cans, regular cans and 12oz beer bottles, compatible with most of beer, soda and energy drinks. This can holder comes with 2 different lids, so it can also be used as a 14oz coffee mug for both hot and cold drinks, by simply changing a lid. Nowest Can Custom What the style of can cooler you Want!

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