Custom Glass Bottle With Sleeve From Nowest The glass water bottle with sleeve can support the following Options: 1. Bottle cap 2. Bottle sleeve material and style 3. Glass volume 4. Glass bottle style Bottle lip:Bamboo Lid,Stainless Lid,plastic Lid etc. Bottle sleeve material and style: nylon fabric,Silicone material,natural cork chips etc. Glass volume: 12oz,24oz,36oz,48oz, other size. Glass style: Nowest Customize any shape glass water Bottle Eco-Friendly glass with solid sleeve is perfect for every scenario like travel, hiking, camping, the beach, working out in the gym, at home, or in your office, these bottles are your perfect daily hydrating companion. Contact Nowest via email ( website, we believe the professionalism of our staff will make everything go well for you!    

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