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Show Room of Nowest Designed Water Bottle

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Today, our sales manager J.Jay Yuan will lead you to understand our sample room through video.

Nowest is a leading stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle manufacturer in China.

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Today we mainly introduce our glass crystal water bottles and diamond stainless steel water bottles for you.

With a crystal glass of your own, you’ll be able to get endless positive energy, wellness, and true beauty. The crystal water bottle is always stylish and comfortable to hold, and it is a practical accessory, you can gift this water bottle to your mother, girlfriend, or other friends.

crystal glass water bottle

It is also a very good choice to have another water bottle with Shiny Rhinestone Design. The shiny rhinestone inlay on the bling water bottle is delicate, and not easy to fall, the whole bottle is glitter, and the exquisite chain is easy to carry, convenient, and beautiful. Many models and internet influencers are using it as a fashion item out on the street.

Diamond crystal water bottle


Anyway, if you want to find a reliable supplier, or you want to customize your own water bottle brand, contact us, No

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