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Stainless steel insulation cup liner, why some have a line and some do not?

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Stainless steel insulation cup liner has no welding seam, mainly depends on the production process used in the processing of insulation cup. When we buy insulation cup, we will find two weld lines on the inner wall of the insulation cup, one is straight firm to the bottom of the cup, one is the bottom of the cup round, there are also some insulation cup on the inner wall what weld lines are not, what is the difference between the two? Now by Nowest Houseware for you to share the difference between.

 1.Bottle inner has welding seam:

Welding stretching process is to use stainless steel plate through cutting, bending, rolling round and other processes, and then straight seam welding machine to argon arc welding to complete, you will see a straight weld, another is in the insulation cup liner and liner bottom argon arc welding welding, you need to use the horizontal girth welding machine to complete, this is the second round weld, the process is completed with the insulation cup liner leak detection machine to do a whether there is a leakage of welding phenomenon detection, and then the next and the outer liner pressed together welding process. show the video from Nowest:

2.Bottle inner without welding seam:

It is a piece of stainless steel material that is directly stretched into the inner liner of the insulated cup through a combination of molds. The process is simple, but the equipment and mold requirements are high.

The disadvantage is that it is more material intensive and costly, sometimes the cup height is too high, the inner liner can not be completed in one stretching, need to do two or even three stretching to complete.

The advantage is that there is no welding and no visible seams, so you will feel more beautiful.

Stretching mould

Although the overall stretched thermos cup is more expensive than the welded stretch thermos cup, the two stretching processes do not have much difference in the use of the thermos cup, and have little effect on the thermal insulation performance.

Or for Virgos and people with OCD, this juncture is a psychologically insurmountable barrier. But keep in mind that this does not affect usage and insulation performance, it is true vacuum that affects insulation performance. The difference in craftsmanship mainly affects the difference in purchase price.