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The 10 mistakes you should never make while drinking water

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The 10 mistakes you should never make while drinking water


Water, we drink every day, but not everyone knows how to drink water in a healthy and scientific way, many friends have even developed bad habits of drinking water still do not know, into what people call “water blindness”, today, NoWest (water bottle manufacture) takes stock of the top ten bad habits of drinking water for you, see if you are hit it? If you also drink in this way, for your health, hurry to change the incorrect way of drinking water.

1. Directly drink when tap water boiling

In fact, water should not be boiled to drink. Because our tap water is chlorinated and disinfected, where chlorine combined with the residual organic matter in the water, will produce halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform, and other carcinogenic compounds.

When boiling water, you may wish to take three steps: 1) the tap water out first place for a while before boiling; 2)water is almost open when the pot lid is open; 3)the water is boiled and then turn off the fire for 3 minutes, you can make the chlorine content of the water down to safe drinking standards, is the real “boiling water.

2. Never wash drinking fountains

Drinking fountains seem to let people drink good quality water, but the reality is that “secondary pollution” is very serious. Whenever you open the water fountain faucet and hear the sound of “gurgling”, the barrel turned out into a series of bubbles, which is the air into the dust and microorganisms will be brought in. According to the environmental health monitoring department test data show that the hot and cold water tank inside the water dispenser 3 months without washing will be a large number of bacteria, such as coli, staphylococcus, etc.

Therefore, it is best to clean once a month, once every two weeks in summer. Office drinking fountains because of their frequent use must be diligent cleaning.

3. Love to drink bottled water

Bottled water used in polyester bottles often contains substances that may lead to chronic poisoning of humans, especially when the bottle is in a high-temperature environment, or opened in time to drink away, harmful substances will seep into the water, endangering health. Therefore, bottled water must not be subjected to heat or exposure to the sun.

Many people like to put a case of water in the car, which is not right. Especially in summer, the trunk temperature is very high, easy to let harmful substances into the water. The best way is to buy a good quality water bottle to bring their own water, safe and environmentally friendly.

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4. Drink “thousands of boiling water”

Now more and more families with electric kettles, many people burned water once to drink, and after a while to repeat the boil. This thousands of boiling water is best not to drink. Water boiled as much as possible when finished, do not repeatedly heat. Many people worry about the water in the water fountain is thousands of boiling water, because of the material restrictions, the highest temperature of water in the water fountain is generally about ninety degrees Celsius, not up to the boiling state, not a thousand rolling water.

5. Do not drink until you are thirsty

A survey data shows that 70% of people drink water only when they feel thirsty. But when you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of water.

6. Not enough to drink 6 glasses of water a day

People who work often neglect to drink because of their work, which can damage the bladder and kidneys in the long run. Adults who live in mild climates and are lightly active should drink at least 1,200 ml of water per day, about 6 glasses of water. If there is a lot of activity and sweating, increase the amount of water you drink accordingly and rehydrate in a timely manner.

Some people may ask before has been said to drink not less than 2000 ml of water a day that is, 8 glasses of water, why now only 1200 ml? In fact, 2000 ml refers to the total amount of water a person needs a day, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, and even in staple foods, meat, the body needs water, a large part from the food. Six cups are the minimum amount, and some people need to drink more. For example, irritable people drink more water to soothe their mood, obese people drink more water to maintain weight, after exercise, after bathing is also timely hydration.

7. No drinking water according to the body type, beverage instead of water

“plain water is tasteless, or drink beverages. Many children every day cola, fruit-flavored drinks do not leave hand, with drinks instead of water, is like spending money to buy body disease. Not only does not play a role in hydrating the body but also reduces appetite, affecting digestion and absorption.

If you must drink flavored water, but also according to their own constitution, appropriate improvements. For example:

1) people with constipation can drink some honey water or fruit and vegetable juice, which can promote intestinal peristalsis;

2) people with cold stomachs should drink less cold green tea, herbal tea, and juice, and drink more warming black tea, and ginger water.

Three cups of “long-life water” is life-saving water, not really drink it to save lives, but this way of drinking water will bring great health benefits, adhere to drink the effect of prolonging life.

8. No drinking in the morning, to regret it in old age

The first glass of water in the morning is truly life-saving water, and the elderly should pay more attention. After a night of metabolism, all the body’s waste needs to be scrubbed. Drinking a glass of water can reduce blood viscosity and increase circulating blood volume.

The first is clear water, boiled water, and mineral water can reduce the viscosity of human blood;

the second is lemon water, citric acid can enhance the morning appetite;

the third is light salt water, which is very beneficial to people with constipation.

9. Eat salty not immediately hydrate

Eating too salty can lead to high blood pressure, and can also lead to reduced saliva production and edema of the oral mucosa. If you eat salty, the first thing to do is to drink more water, preferably plain water and lemonade, try not to drink sugary drinks and yogurt because excess sugar will also aggravate the feeling of thirst. Light soy milk is also a good choice, which is more than 90% water, and also contains more potassium, which can promote the excretion of sodium, and the taste is relatively sweet.

10. Do not drink before going to bed

You should not drink too much before going to bed, but you can sip a little, especially for the elderly. When a person is asleep, the water in the body is lost, resulting in less water in the blood, and the blood viscosity will become higher. Drinking water before going to bed can reduce blood viscosity, thus reducing the risk of cerebral thrombosis. In addition, in the dry autumn and winter season, water can also moisten the respiratory tract, helping people to sleep better.


Drinking water also has a learning curve, you can not take drinking water seriously. And any bad habits that are harmful to our own health, we should try to overcome! Good health, in order to everything good! These bad habits in drinking water, to remember well, learn to drink water!

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