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What are the benefits of the crystal water bottles?

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1. The history of crystal water

2. The structure of natural gemstone bottle

3. Principle and efficacy of natural gemstone bottle

4. The effect of various gemstone water bottles


Crystal has pure and powerful energy, which has the effect of calming the mind and healing the body and mind. It is a popular energy healing item in recent years. In addition to crystal bracelets, and crystal ornaments, gemstone water bottles are also widely used. Many people like it.

Today, Nowest ( a professional water bottle manufacturer) takes you to see the effects of crystal water bottles; understand the effects of different crystal water bottles at one time, and teach you how to choose your own energy water bottle.


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1. The history of gemstone water

gem water

As early as the Atlantean culture, there have been records of using gemstone water. They added clean gemstones to the water for purification; in ancient Greece, people also used gemstones that can store energy and added them to drinking water to activate water quality and heal the mind and body. Water activated by crystals is called crystal elixir, which means a miraculous substance, elixir.

2. The structure of the gemstone bottle

Before looking at the efficacy of crystal water bottles, you must first understand the structure of crystal bottles.

There are two energy water bottles on the market to choose from, namely “natural crystal water bottle” and “natural gemstone water bottle”. The difference lies in the type of crystal and the structure of the bottle. This article will mainly introduce the part of the natural gemstone water bottle to you.

                   natural crystal water bottle

crystal glass water bottle

                     natural gemstone water bottle



Crystal Water Bottle


The natural crystal stone water bottle can be divided into upper and lower layers, the upper layer is used for drinks, and the lower layer is used for filling natural gemstones. The bottle body is made of high borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperature, hardness, and high light transmission. The inner cap of the bottle cap is made of food-grade PP material, with a silicone gasket, which can prevent the leakage of beverages and prevent dust from entering the bottle.


Elixir Water Bottle for Gemstone Healing, Rose Quartz Chip Tumbled Stone Glass Water Bottle, Crystal Water Bottle

After purchasing a gemstone water bottle, you can also replace the gemstones in the bottle at any time according to your needs. It is very convenient to change the effect of the gemstone bottle.

 3. Principle and efficacy of natural gemstone bottle

1) Principle

The principle is to change the structure, quality, and frequency of water through the frequency of gem energy. After this step, it can improve the water quality, enhance the taste, neutralize harmful substances in the water, and turn a cup of ordinary water into active water with high frequency and easy absorption by the human body.

2) Efficacy

First of all, crystal water bottles increase the intake of water. A beautiful bottle can make people willing to take more water and develop the habit of drinking. Since the natural gemstone water bottle separates the beverage from the gemstone, there is no need to worry that the liquid will affect the crystal or corrode. It is suitable for holding coffee, lemonade, and fresh fruit water.

As we all know, negative energy in the human body will hinder the operation of the Qi meridian, and it will also absorb the energy of the organ, making the organ lose its health. It interferes with the individual’s mental level, reducing spiritual energy, worsening mental state, and causing emotional instability and loss of self-confidence. Therefore, a large number of scientists and scholars believe that the elimination of negative energy in the body is the first priority of health, and they are actively seeking ways to eliminate negative energy and apply them experimentally. One of the most common and effective methods is to use the energy magnetic field of natural crystal ore to optimize Water molecular structure, its magnetic field reconfigures.

Selected 100% natural crystal gemstones have a natural and subtle ore magnetic field source, which can affect the magnetic field structure of surrounding things. Drinking purified energy water can adjust the original water molecules of the human body to better promote the release of energy. . At the same time, the top part of the human body will be carried with the magnetic field signal of “natural ore”, which will be integrated with the natural world, and the body that produces a consistent magnetic field will be healthier, lucky and happy.

Water is necessary for survival. Drinking pure water can help the body metabolize, adding mineral gems to achieve the effects of coordinating the body and mind.

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4. The effect of various gemstone water bottles

The effect of a gemstone bottle will vary according to the type of gemstone. Here are some common crystal water bottle functions.


Rock Crystal: relieve irritability | keep mood stable and happy | improve work efficiency

Amethyst: Helps gather concentration | Enhance popularity | Calm the nerves

Citrine: attracting wealth and wealth | boosting self-confidence | boosting vitality

Green Dongling: Expanding Personal Vision | Comforting the Mind and Increasing Self-Confidence | Blessing for a smooth career

Aquamarine: Strengthen Communication Skills | Calm Your Heart | Increase Courage and Persuasion

After understanding the effect, let’s get a gemstone water bottle that belongs to you!