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What is the healthiest way to drink water?

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Water is an important part of our body. Many people know that drinking water is good for the body. You can go days without food, but not without water. So how do you drink water healthily? Nowest (a professional water bottle manufacturer) will introduce some tips for healthily drinking water to you, hoping to help you.

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1. Drink a glass of water after waking up in the morning

It is a good habit to drink a glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning. It can relax the bowels, reduce blood viscosity, and make the whole person look refreshed. But the first glass of water in the morning should not be drunk indiscriminately. Carbonated drinks, fruit juices, cold water, salt water, vegetable soups, and broths are not suitable for drinking as the first glass of water in the morning. Honey prepared with warm water or warm water is more suitable for drinking after getting up in the morning.

2. Water replenishment half an hour before meals is the most nourishing for the stomach

Drinking water half an hour before a meal will not dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion, but also stimulate appetite, regulate the concentration of inorganic salts in the body, and reduce thirst caused by excessive salt intake after meals.

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3. Drink the right amount of water

It is not easy to drink too little water, otherwise, the wastes in the body will not be metabolized; too much water will increase the burden on the kidneys, which is also very undesirable and affects the health of the body. The daily intake of water for normal people is 2000ml~2500ml. You can see what the capacity of your water bottle is, and then compare how many glasses of water you should drink every day. For example, my water bottle is 500ml, and I usually use 4-5 glasses of water every day.

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4. Pay attention to identifying those commonly used water

There is purified water, natural mineral water, mineral water, and so on on the market. These three are different, so don’t be foolish enough to tell them apart.

Purified water is multi-filtered! It removes various microorganisms, impurities, and beneficial minerals, and highlights the safety of drinking. It is a kind of soft water. Many people think it is not nutritious enough and unhealthy to drink for a long time, but this view has not been confirmed.

Nature mineral water is generally mined from the depths of the strata, rich in rare minerals, and slightly alkaline. It should be more beneficial to health. Of course, the possibility of organic pollution is not ruled out.

Mineral water, artificial mineral water prepared by adding mineral concentrate in purified water according to the concentration ratio of the human body, can be regarded as a combination of the above two kinds of water.

5. Pay attention to hydration when exercising

It is very easy to lose water in the body after exercise, so be sure to replenish moisture. Remember that don’t hydrate until you’re thirsty. Because when you feel thirsty, you lose up to 2% of your body weight in water. Also, hydrate before, during, and after exercise. It sounds complicated, but it’s not necessary.

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6. Drink some green tea properly

If you get up at about two or three after your lunch break, you can make yourself a cup of green tea. For office workers, it is refreshing and resistant to radiation. The green tea mentioned here is brewed tea, not a tea beverage on the market. You must know that the ingredients of tea in tea drinks are very small, but the sugar content is very high. Regular drinking has a significant impact on body weight. Too much use may even lead to diabetes.

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7. Usually eat more diuretic food

Do not focus on discharge, only pay attention to drinking, it is easy to make the body swollen. Diuretic foods refer to foods that can increase the excretion of water in the body, such as watermelon, coffee, tea, etc., which contain diuretic ingredients, which can promote the formation of urine in the kidneys. There are also whole grains, vegetables, and fruits that contain dietary fiber, which can bind a lot of water in the intestines and increase the weight of the stool.

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